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French Rolling Pin - Black Walnut Finish - Wooden Tapered Design

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  • BRING A PIECE OF LUXURY INTO YOUR KITCHEN – Inspired by the best French chefs, this tapered design allows for even pressure while you to roll your baking creations without the need for those cumbersome traditional rolling pins.
  • ONE PIECE TAPERED DESIGN – Easy to clean and rest easy knowing bacteria and grime will not accumulate unlike in traditional rollers.
  • MODERN FEEL & LOOK – The minimalistic design fits nicely in your kitchen drawers, or proudly displace this rolling piece of art in your kitchen.
  • NATURAL & PREMIUM WOOD – What is more natural than wood? The best furniture is made from walnut, now you too can have a piece of luxury in your kitchen for your next culinary masterpiece.

Out with your grandmother’s traditional rolling pin and say hello to version 2.0, the french rolling pin! There are a few things the French do right and that’s cheese, wine and BAKING! Take your time and get that even pressured roll with our modern walnut French rolling pin.

This all-natural walnut rolling pin is the best you can get, period! Do not waste your time with plastic rolling pins which can leech harmful chemicals into your food, and who has time to deal with unsticking and peeling when you use metal rolling pins? Get a sleek luxurious designed rolling pin that easily transforms ingredients into Michelin Star worthy plates!