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Copper & Acrylic Salt and Pepper Burr Grinder Set

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  • FRESH GRIND EACH TIME: Are you tired of eating stale, flavorless, pre-ground salt and pepper? Tired of making a mess while refilling your salt or pepper shakers? Then Clever Chef has just the solution for you!
  • EFFORTLESS: The Salt and Pepper Mill effortlessly solves bland and stale salt or pepper by grinding it fresh and direct to your dish! With the simple screw-off top, the refilling process is an effortless breeze!
  • DESIGNED FOR HOME OR ON THE GO: These Salt and Pepper Mills are perfect for use indoors in the kitchen, or in the dining room and it is perfect for outdoor use in picnics, barbecues, trips to the beach, and more!
  • BUILT TO LAST: The modern circular design and durable build materials give the Salt and Pepper Mill not only a long life, but a compact size for easy storage wherever you need it. Measures 1.15 X 1.15 X 3.5 inches

Salt and Pepper, the two must-haves of any kitchen table.

But why settle for the stale and tasteless pre-ground stuff that almost always gets stuck in those frustrating shakers.

With this grinder set you get to enjoy the fresh taste of finely ground salt and pepper onto that sumptuous platter in front of you.

You’ll be left wondering how you’ve been dining your whole life without it!

NOTE: This item is meant to be used with course salt crystals and whole black pepper pellets that can finely ground using this grinder. No salt, pepper or other spices are included with this item.