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Cat Pattern Embossed Rolling Pin

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  • MAKE DELICIOUS RECIPES MORE FUN: We make cat rolling pins for baking more exciting for children and adults alike with unique cat engravings. Our 1.5mm deep patterns help pie crusts, cookies and fondant stand out and look as delightful as they taste!
  • BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL WOOD: Each embossed rolling pin is made from solid premium natural wood carefully chosen for its durability and quality, as well as easy-grip handles and self-lubricating bearings for smoother rolling of textured rolling pin.
  • MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY: Our patterned rolling pin measures 14” from handle to handle with a barrel size of 9 1/4”, making it perfect for the home bakers and pastry chefs, as well as crafters and artists working in clay or ceramics.
  • ADORABLE PERSONAL GIFT: When you’re looking for ideal housewarming gifts, cat lover gifts, birthday gifts, or just a fun kitchen accessory for functional home décor, our cat rolling pins are perfect for everyone.

From cake baking to puff pastry, sweet treats are even more fun when they’re decorated with cats using an embossed rolling pin.

There’s nothing like crafting homemade cookies, chicken pot pie, or your grandma’s cake recipe with your own hands; especially when you can add a little fun flair to each and every one. Crafted using all-natural, kitchen safe natural wood, our unique engraved rolling pins are superior to French rolling pins, metal rolling pins, marble rolling pins or anything you’ll find.


Our cat rolling pins are made using strict guidelines and feature 1.5mm deep engravings to make rolling, baking and enjoying pastries even easier. Simply coat the textured rolling pin in flour to prevent sticking, roll, bake and enjoy. Whether you want one for yourself or know a cat lover who would really enjoy the sentiment, our rolling pin with cats are truly one of a kind.

Product Details:

  • Premium Natural Wood
  • Deep 1.5mm Engravings for Easier Baking
  • Metal Rod and Bearings Inside to Ensure Smooth Rolling
  • Adding Flour Helps Prevent Sticking
  • Size: 14” End to End and 10” Barrel
  • Lightweight and Versatile for Kitchen or Crafting Use

Note: We advise using a drier mixture instead of a wet or oily mixture to ensure patterns are clearly visible. Thick or hard toppings may also cover up patterns. Happy Baking!